the story

Let me tell you a story about a man who lives high.
He was born in a village and he doesn't know why.
The people were splitted in their opinion of him.
Some called him the Savior, some called him a crazy man.

Give me 5 - yeah

The story goes further and he grew like a man.
He told them 'bout forgiveness because that was to gain.
He healed in God's name and he protected the poor.
Some people were thankful, some people angry and more.

Give me 5 - yeah

The wise men, they whispered: "We must kill this young man!
He's crazy - God! - he's dangerous for all men!
The people they follow him and believe what he's saying":
"I am the Son of God, I love you, that's why I forgive you your sin."

They did like they said and Judas kissed him Goodbye.
That was what God want's, because there's no other way.
They hurt him, spit on him and they nailed him up high.
He died, rose again and he's still real in our life.

His name is Jesus - yeah
Give him 5 - yeah
He loves you now - yeah
Hallelujah - yeah

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